Donkey Kong Fire Escape

Donkey Kong Fire Escape Is Retro Gaming Greatness!

If there is one thing you never see get decorated much, it seems like its fire escapes.  Sure, we have all seen some that are made into urban patios with some plants and maybe a chair or two but you never see anything seriously cool.  That is until now!  Behold, the Donkey Kong fire escape!

Its amazing the incredible things you can spot that pop up on your social media feeds.  I forget where I saw this one as I have had the image saved on my computer for a while with the intention of sharing it with you all.  So I can’t say I know how took it or who created this amazing Donkey Kong fire escape (if they aren’t the same person).  But if you know, please let me know in the comments below!

This is definitely the most clever and geeky thing I have ever seen done with a fire escape.  It almost makes me wish I had one just so I could do the same thing but I’m really more of a house person than an apartment person.

Have you ever done anything geeky with your fire escape like this?  If so, I would love to hear about it and see pictures in the comments below!  And bonus points if doing something like this pissed off your HOA just because I hate HOAs and think they should be illegal.  But my hatred for HOAs is a rant for another time, probably on another site because I don’t know that it really fits the theme of Global Geek News.  I prefer just to keep this site about geeky greatness like this fire escape!

After seeing this, now I feel like I need a retro gaming fix so I am going to go play some classic Donkey Kong.

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