Perfect Date Idea: Arcade Date Night!

Perfect Date Night Idea: Video Game Arcade Date Night!

I’m usually the one that is looking for good date night ideas rather than suggesting them, but I thought I might suggest a geeky date night based on ones I’ve got to enjoy lately.  One of the most fun date nights that I have had in a long time has been having a date night at the arcade.

I should probably start by saying that Tabitha, my fiance, is the complete opposite from me in that she is not at all a gamer.  Other than some Tetris like game that I have seen her play on her phone a handful of times, I’ve never known her to play video games of any sort.  I’ve offered to let her play on my many consoles and she simply has no interest.  However, it turns out that she does enjoy getting to play the old school arcade games with real joysticks and big buttons.

My fiance playing the Stargate arcade game
My fiance playing the Stargate arcade game

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the weekend at a retro gaming convention and to my surprise, she had a blast!  I knew I would have a blast playing all the old games and systems but I was really shocked when she found some arcades that she seemed to really enjoy.  Could my fiance actually like video games after all?!

Fast forward a week and to my surprise, she wanted to have a date night to check out one of the local video game arcades.

So last Thursday night, we went to dinner and then spent a couple of hours at a local arcade where it was all you can play for a $15 (ea) day pass.  So for $30 plus tax, we got to spend the evening playing games from Donkey Kong to NFL Blitz to Mario Kart (which she really loved).  She even loved it so much she said she would love to go there once a week!

My fiance playing a Japanese Mario Kart arcade racer game
My fiance playing a Japanese Mario Kart arcade racer game

Old school video game arcades really offer something for everybody whether you love racing games, sports, or blowing away zombies (I spent part of the evening beating The House of The Dead 2).  Even non-gamers like my fiance are going to find something that they enjoy.

And the best part is that depending on your personality, there are always options for a co-operative experience or a competitive one.  And there is something enjoyable about getting both of your asses handed to you by the game because everybody knows how much arcade games cheat just to get your quarters.

So if you are looking for a fun date night idea, have an arcade date night!  Its fun for everybody and even better if you can get a pass like we did so you aren’t spending all your laundry and car wash quarters trying to beat the cheating computer on NBA Jam.

What sort of geeky date nights do you enjoy?  Let me know about it in the comments below!

And share this with any couple whether they are gamers or not!





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