The Super Mario Bros Movie Final Trailer

Final Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Released

The wait is almost over!  The new Super Mario Bros. Movie is less than a month away and to get everybody hyped for the movie, Nintendo has dropped one final trailer.  So if you weren’t already excited enough about the movie, check out the trailer below!

As for my thoughts about the upcoming movie, I think it looks amazing and I really want to be excited about it as a life long Mario fan.  Unfortunately, the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario just kills any excitement I have about the movie no matter how amazing it looks.  I feel torn because visually, it looks absolutely incredible and a very entertaining movie to watch.  I just wish that they would have used Charles Martinet to voice Mario (at least we hear his cameo in this trailer) instead of Chris Pratt.  Hell, even if Pratt hadn’t used his every day voice it would have been better.  But much to the shock of my fiance who has supported my love of Super Mario Bros by getting me a Super Mario clock and desk lamp, I’m just feeling meh about it because of the Mario casting.

Honestly, I am kind of hoping that in the world of deepfake voice AI that we live in now, I am hoping that a fan who doesn’t care if they get sued by Nintendo edits the video with a proper Mario voice.  THAT I would watch!

How are you feeling about The Super Mario Bros. Movie?  Are you planning on rushing out to see it in the first showing or will you wait and catch it from the comfort of your own home?  How do you feel about the voice casting of Mario?  Let me know in the comments below!

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