Star Trek Cat Tree

Amazing Star Trek Cat Tree Features the Enterprise and a Borg Cube

I can’t say there are very many pet owners that I have known that wouldn’t do pretty much anything for their pets.  I’ve even seen pets that have more toys than I do!  Well, speaking of spoiled pets, for the cat owners that have a love for Star Trek, I think I have found the perfect Star Trek cat tree for you!  This amazing Star Trek cat tree features the Enterprise 1701-D and a Borg Cube!

I recall over a decade ago I posted about an amazing Deep Space Nine cat tree but at the time I had no idea where it came from.  Well, it looks like I found the creator (CE360Design) and that same person has created this amazing Star Trek cat tree featuring the Enterprise 1701-D and a Borg Cube.  And the best part is you can buy it (or the DS9 one) on Etsy for just $250!  You even get your choice of colors, black, grey or dark heather grey.

I wish I felt like my cat would use this because I would love to get it for her but any time I have ever tried to get her a bed or something like that she might try it a few times and then never touch it again.  And that is a lot of money to spend for something my cat might have no interest in!  Even if I think its the coolest cat tree ever!

If your kitty loves watching Star Trek with you, then you should have them watching it with your from the comfort of their own Star Trek cat tree!

Do you have any geeky furniture for your pet?  If so, let me know about it in the comments below!

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