NGC-1961 Galaxy

My Newest Astrophoto: NGC-1961

Its finally time to show of my favorite shot of my most recent evening spent out in the observatory working on my astrophotography hobby.  Today I bring you the galaxy known as NGC-1961!  It might be one of my favorite galaxy photos I have ever taken!

This shot featuring the galaxy NGC-1961, a field of beautiful stars and a number of other, far more distant galaxies is one that any space lover will be blown away by!  The galaxy NGC-1961 is quite photogenic and for those that are curious, it is located in the constellation Camelopardalis, is 220,000 light-years across and around 200 million light-years away!  Just imagine how far away the smaller appearing galaxies in the photo are!

My favorite thing to shoot is deep sky objects like this.  I love shooting galaxies and seeing all of their different colors and shapes.  And I really love the images like this one of NGC-1961 where you can see a bunch of more distant galaxies in the background that makes you realize just how huge space really is!

Hopefully I can get back out in the observatory again soon and take more awesome shots like this one!

Anytime I share my astrophotos I always get questions about my telescope setup so if you are curious about all the equipment I use to take my astrophotos, I would suggest checking out my astrophotography setup post that I always keep updated with my current list of equipment.

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