NGC-2976 Galaxy

My Newest Astrophoto: NGC-2976

Thanks to everything falling into place like having free time and finally getting some good weather while not having to fight light pollution from the moon, I finally managed to get to spend some time in the observatory recently.  I got a few shots from my night out and one of them is this new shot of the galaxy NGC-2976.

It feels good to finally feel up to getting a night out in the observatory and have it align with the perfect weather conditions.  It doesn’t seem to happen often but hopefully it does again soon because I love shooting galaxies like this one!

This photo features the galaxy NGC-2976 which is a dwarf galaxy approximately 11.6 million light-years away!  If you want to look for it with your own telescope, it can be found in the constellation Ursa Major.  It might not be the most photogenic galaxy I’ve taken pictures of but I think its still really cool and I’m happy with how the shot turned out all things considered!

I do have more astrophotos coming so stay tuned for more in the coming days!

For those wondering just how I captured this image and what my current astrophotography setup consists of and what telescope I use, I suggest checking out my astrophotography setup post that I always keep up to date.  And if you have any more questions about my setup or this shot of NGC-2976, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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