Frosted Super Mario Sugar Cookie

Learn To Make A Stunning Super Mario Sugar Cookie

I am usually not the guy you want to have in charge of making cookies because if you put me in charge, I will just eat all the dough and the cookies will never get made.  I will take cookie dough over actual cookies any day!  However, I can still appreciate when somebody puts in some serious effort to create something like this stunning frosted Super Mario sugar cookie that looks almost too good to eat!

Its amazing the random things you can stumble across on YouTube that you aren’t even looking for.  In this case, I happened to randomly stumble across this video showing how to make this incredible frosted Super Mario sugar cookie that any gamer is sure to love!

This video which goes into great detail on how this cookie was made is a great tutorial that any Mario loving cookie eaters will enjoy.  It was created by the clearly talented YouTuber Kimberly Hart of the channel Sweethart Baking Experiment (a channel worth following).

I wish I had her skills at cookie making but they wouldn’t do me any good since I would just eat all the dough.

If you love to bake and love Mario, then check out the video below to see how the picture above was made and see just how you can make your own frosted Super Mario sugar cookie like this!  And then feel free to send me one after you are done baking!  And if you still need more inspiration, check out the Mario cookies I posted years ago.

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And here is the video you have been waiting for…



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