Globular Cluster Messier 72

Yet Another New Astrophoto, Globular Cluster M72

Another day, another new astrophoto from my recent evening in my observatory a few weeks ago.  In this case, I might not have the biggest or brightest or even most colorful globular cluster, but its still a cool globular cluster and help show the sort of diversity there is in globular clusters and that they don’t all look the same.  For today, I bring you the globular cluster M72!

This faint little globular cluster known as Messier 72 or M72 for short is about 9.5 billion years old and around 54,000 light-years away.

It might not be the flashiest of globular clusters but at least photographing it gets me one deep sky object closer to photographing all of the Messier objects which I’m slowly working on accomplishing.  Of course the clouds, smoke from fires and neighbor’s outdoor lighting doesn’t help my cause but I will get there eventually!  It will just take some time.

Speaking of time, I don’t recall how long the exposures were on this image (maybe 45-60 seconds?) but I’m thinking I got a couple of dozen images to stack to make this final result.  With this being a few weeks ago and me having a crappy memory, I can’t recall for sure.  However, what I do know for sure is what I shot this image with and since it always gets asked what kind of equipment I used, you can see my telescope setup for astrophotography with full descriptions of everything at the linked post.

This is the last of the globular clusters I have to share from this run of astrophotography images but don’t fret because I still have more images coming!  I have a couple more nebula shots to share with you guys next!

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