Saturn: My latest Astrophoto

I promised you guys that I have more astrophotos to share and I am here to deliver one of them!  Its not that often I get to shoot things inside the solar system but once in a while the planets align (astronomy joke), and I get some great planetary shots!  In the previous post, it was my shot of Jupiter and this time I have the beautiful ringed planet, Saturn!

As I mentioned on yesterday’s Jupiter post, conditions have been rather sucky for getting out and spending evenings in my observatory lately.  Between fires, clouds, having free time and my neighbors outdoor lighting, its rare for thing to align for me to spend an evening outside.  However, a couple of weeks ago everything came into alignment so I got to spend a few hours out in the observatory (speaking of which, I’m still taking naming suggestions).  Among the many things I got to shoot was this awesome shot of Saturn.

This might not be the biggest shot I’ve taken of Saturn but I’m pretty sure its the clearest because I’ve never got the cloud bands of Saturn anywhere near this clear before.  To say that I’m happy with this shot is an understatement!  Yay for a calm atmosphere!

I forget the exact details of this shot but I think I took the best 15% of 3000 images and made this image out of the stacked result.  As for the technical details of my setup, as always you guys can check out my telescope setup for astrophotography page to see my current setup.

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Stay tuned as I have a lot more to come including a number of pictures of nebulas and star clusters!





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