Latest Astrophotos: 7 Pictures of the Moon!

Before I get to the main point of this post and show you my awesome new 7 pictures of the moon, I wanted to make a quit apology for not posting in the last two weeks.  My life has been turned on its head as I got hired for a new job (software developer) so I’ve been busy trying to get everything done so I can start on the 18th.  Between that and the rest of my life, there just hasn’t been much time to do any posting but hopefully I can find some soon so things get back to normal on here.  And now that you guys are caught up, lets get to the main purpose of this post, pictures of the moon!

Last week I spent an evening out in the observatory with my girlfriend and after finally taking the time to get my telescope aligned so that when I tell it to point at something it will, I got some pretty sweet shots of the moon.

For those wondering what equipment I used to get these shots, as always I will link you to my list of equipment.  I will clarify that I didn’t use my focal reducer or a barlow when I took these (although maybe I should have at least used the barlow).

I always get questions from people if they mind if I use my images as their wallpaper and stuff so I will say right now, go for it!  And if you know anybody that loves space, feel free to send them this post so they can check out these pictures!

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Without further ado, here are my latest astrophotography shots of the moon!  Enjoy the beautiful craters!






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