Ghostbusters House Lighting Show

Ghostbusters House Lighting Show Will Have You Singing Along!

While I can certainly appreciate a really cool outdoor holiday lighting display, doing something like that has never been my thing since I don’t enjoy giant electric bills.  However, sometimes I do come across holiday lighting displays that are so cool they blow me away and this is one of those times.  Anybody can throw a couple pumpkins and a scarecrow out in front of their house and say they have decorated for Halloween but this person took things one step farther and turned his house into a Ghostbusters themed musical with their perfectly timed Ghostbusters house lighting!

There is no doubt that Ghostbusters is an iconic franchise with one great movie, one not so great movie, one movie whose existence we won’t even acknowledge and a pretty cool cartoon and some good video games.  However, I think this might be the first time I have seen a Ghostbusters house lighting show and it is glorious!  I don’t even have a clue how you would go about timing all the lights to the classic Ghostbusters theme song but the result is amazing.

YouTube user Tom BetGeorge created this Ghostbusters house lighting show as a free community event and fundraiser for a local family shelter in Tracy, California.  This has definitely got to be one of the most unique fundraisers I’ve seen and if I lived there I would definitely stop by to check it out and toss a couple dollars in the bucket!

Apparently its only running for 2 hours a night on weekends to minimize traffic (and presumably the electric bill as well as to keep peace with the neighbors).  If you want to visit, you can click here to find out the address and schedule.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go figure out how to get the Ghostbusters theme song out of my head before it drives everybody around me insane because I can’t stop singing it.

How do you decorate for Halloween?  Feel free to share pictures in the comments below!

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