Arcade Sofa

The Arcade Sofa You Never Knew You Wanted

When it comes to furniture you want in your living room to kick back and play some video games, you are probably like me and thought that a nice big bean bag was the ideal way to go.  After all, you can adjust them for your comfort and you don’t hurt yourself when you accidentally kick it while walking through during the middle of the night because you are too lazy to turn a light on.  Well, I have found something even better that you never knew you wanted but you will dream of having in your living room or gaming room for those long gaming sessions.  Meet the arcade sofa!

Ok, so I will admit this doesn’t solve the toe stubbing in the dark problem and you can’t really mold this to your body shape for optimal comfort but who cares when you have the ultimate gaming sofa that looks like an arcade cabinet?!

This awesome arcade sofa comes from the French company Harow.  I’ve got a few other designs posted below but apparently you can get one made with custom artwork and have the size customized.  They are made out of recycled wood, steal and feature velvet-covered cushions.  As to how much they cost, I have no idea since I presume that might depend on the custom artwork and size but if you really want one I’m sure you can contact them for a quote.  And if you don’t live in France it would probably cost a small fortune to have it shipped to your country which is why this will remain the sofa of my dreams rather than become the new sofa in my living room.

If you get one of these amazing arcade sofas, please share pictures of it in the comments below because I would love to see the design you went with!

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Arcade Sofa
Arcade Sofa

Arcade Sofa

Arcade Sofa

Arcade Sofa

Arcade SofaArcade Sofa





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