Mario Goes Berserk (With Kindness)

Mario Goes Berserk (With Kindness) is Hilarious!

Those that have been around for a long time know that I love the Dorkly Bits cartoons from the awesome folks over at Dorkly.  They are hilarious and take classic video game characters in directions their creators definitely never intended.  In this case, the NES classic Super Mario Bros is made into a rather hilarious video where Mario goes berserk (with kindness).

I don’t recall if I posted the original video when it came out some time ago but this is actually a sequel to a video they made called Mario Goes Berserk where Mario goes on a rather murderous rampage.  For the sake of context and because the original is simply hilarious, I have posted the original Mario Goes Berserk video at the bottom below the new sequel where Mario is especially kind.

Is it just me or does anybody think it would be entertaining to have a much more violent Mario like the original video?  I’m not necessarily saying Mario should be really bloody, I’m just saying I like the idea of using a piranha plant as an Indiana Jones style whip to strangle the enemies.  The world could use an M rated Mario game!  And admit it, you would love to see Princess Peach in a bikini too!  Don’t try to hide it!  I can read your minds!

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Without further ado, Mario Goes Berserk 2 (With Kindness)!

And of course the original Mario Goes Berserk video!


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