Surprise! Global Geek News Lives!

When I quit blogging here on Global Geek News over a year ago, I wasn’t sure that I would ever blog again.  After well over 3,000 posts over the span of a decade plus years of podcasting, I was burned out and my life got a bit crazy so I didn’t think I would ever do anything with GGN again outside of Facebook.  Of course battling depression didn’t exactly help either since that tends to be a passion killer.  However, I’ve kept the GGN Facebook page going with a few posts a day and tons of interaction with GGN fans but I lost my love for blogging and the work it takes to keep this website going.  However, now with more than a year off and a lot of changes in my life, I am ready to get back to posting regularly on here!

So lets fast forward to today.  What exactly does this mean?  That means my new goal is to get back to posting at least once a day (minus weekends) on here.  If I get at least one post up a day I will be happy but who knows, maybe I will go back to 5 posts a day like I did years ago!  It just depends on what kind of time I have.  I won’t make any promises just yet because I am hunting for a new job and I have no idea what will happen with that but that is my goal anyway.  I’m also still debating if I want to go back to shorter posts like I used to write when I was doing 5 posts a day (not as SEO friendly) or if I want continue doing medium length posts.  If you have any feedback on that, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Another thought I’m kicking around is the potential return of the Global Geek News Podcast.  However, rather than being a tech news podcast, I’m toying with the idea of making it a science podcast because my interest these days is more scientific than gadget and tech related.  I’m not sure if/when that will happen but its something I’m considering and I’m keeping my eyes open for potential science obsessed co-hosts.

I have some other things not directly GGN related in the works that you guys will be interested to know about when I’m ready to announce them but I will talk about those more in the future.

But for now, you can rejoice because Global Geek News is back in action!






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