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Send Your Name To The Sun!

As you guys can tell by now with all of my astrophotography shots, I am a huge space nerd.  So, when I saw this opportunity to send my name to the name to the Sun, you can bet I signed up!  And if you want to send your name to the Sun, you can sign up too!

Later this year, NASA is going to be launching the Parker Solar Probe which will be flying into the Sun’s atmosphere to study how energy and heat travel through the solar corona (the aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun).  Thanks to some fancy thermal engineering advances, the probe will be able to withstand the 1,370°C (2,500°F) temperatures of the Sun’s corona while keeping all the fancy instruments inside at normal room temperature.

Speaking of things that will be kept at room temperature inside the Parker Solar Probe, there is also going to be a memory card inside with the names of whoever signs up to have their name sent to the sun and you can be one of those people!

NASA has set up a page where you can enter your name to be sent on that memory card which will ride on-board the probe to the Sun!  All you have to do is head to the page here and fill in your information, click the link in the confirmation e-mail you are sent, click then confirmation button and then your name will be added to the memory card!  And perhaps the coolest part is that you will be given a certificate (in PDF form) showing that your name will be part of the mission!  And its free!

The deadline is April 27, 2018 so you have a little time to sign up but you better do it now while you are thinking about it rather than waiting until you forget and end up missing out on having your name sent to the Sun!  And if you need a little motivation to stop being lazy and sign up to send your name to the sun, below is a video of William Shatner telling you to sign up!

I’ve done this before with other missions and I think its cool to know that my name has been spread throughout the solar system and is on other planets let Mars.  I may never make it to Mars myself but at least my name is there and now I can say it will be at the Sun too!

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[Source:  NASA Parker Solar Probe]





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