Star Wars Han Shot First T-Shirt

Han Shot First T-Shirt On Sale for $13 (normally $20)

I can’t say I have the cheap t-shirt addiction I once did which is a large reason why you don’t see me constantly post about cheap t-shirts very often.  However, I thought today would be a good day to do it since I saw this awesome Han Shot First T-shirt is on sale right now for only $13!

I know I have featured this awesome shirt on here in the past but since its on sale right now, I thought it would be worth posting about again!  (So don’t nag me in the comments about having posted about this before  😛  )

When it comes to amazing and really geeky t-shirt designs (not to mention an amazing owner of the company), I would easily put TShirtbordello at the top of the list.  I have a number of shirts from them which I love and have held up great over the years.  Speaking of them, they have some of their shirts on sale for various discounts over the regular $20 price right now and one of them is this awesome Han Shot First T-shirt which is on sale for just $13 right now.  If you are a Star Wars fan that loves a bargain, this is definitely a must have shirt!  It is available for both men and women and comes in a variety of sizes.

Now that you have bought this awesome shirt because you want to show off your love for Star Wars, I am curious to know in the comments below, what sort of geeky shirts do you typically wear?  Are there shirts from certain franchises you prefer to wear?  And where do you typically get your geeky shirts from?  I’m always looking to bring you guys the stuff that you want to see so knowing this would help me do just that!

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