My Latest Astrophotography Shots: the Moon!

I always dislike this part of the lunar cycle because the amount of light reflected off of the moon makes it much more difficult to shoot a lot of the deep space objects I typically like to try to image like galaxies and nebulas.  If I do any astrophotography near the full moon, I usually have to shoot brighter objects like open clusters, globular clusters and planets.  Of course there is one very obvious object I could shoot but rarely do and that is the moon!  Well, on Sunday night I decided that after I did what I could with shooting a distant galaxy I would get a couple of shots of the moon before heading to bed and they turned out pretty decent!

The atmosphere wasn’t particularly stable so most of my shots of the moon got tossed out but I did manage enough frames to come away with these shots which turned out looking quite nice and have a fair bit of detail on them with all of the craters and other lunar objects.

Perhaps at some point I will see about getting the lunar observing certifications offered by the Astronomical League but for now I’m just happy with these shots and maybe I’ll do more shots of the moon in the near future.  But while I wait for the full moon to pass and the lunar light pollution to get out of my way, I’m thinking about giving the double star certification a go.  It should be fun!

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