God of War Cake

Mind Blowing Kratos God of War Cake

I suspect I have mentioned it in the past here on Global Geek News (I’m too lazy to try to search the thousands of posts just to find out) that my all time favorite series of video games is the God of War series.  Between the satisfying, bloody game play and the incredibly engaging stories, its not hard to imagine why I enjoy the games so much.  Well, speaking of the incredible games, I have come across an absolutely mind blowing God of War cake that I just had to share with all of the GGN readers.

This incredible God of War cake features Kratos standing on the severed head of of the Greek god Zeus.  The level of detail and the beautiful coloring on Kratos is truly staggering!

As for who created this God of War cake that is truly worthy of the gods, it was created by Ade Cal of Delicut Cakes.  This beautiful cake was created for Cake Con Collaboration which is a collaboration of artists that make sugary greatness inspired by TV shows, comics and video game characters.  Judging by this cake, I would love to see the other things created for the collaboration!

Whether you just love beautifully detailed cakes or you are a big fan of the Ghost of Sparta, you can’t deny that this is one amazing cake that even the God of War would love!  However Zeus might not be too big of a fan with Kratos standing on his head but you can’t please everybody.

If you have made an amazing God of War cake like this one or any sort of delicious geeky cake, let me know about it in the comments below!

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Kratos Cake
Kratos Cake
God of War Cake Back
God of War Cake Back
Kratos God of War Cake
Kratos God of War Cake

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