Star Trek Deep Space Nine Defiant Cake

Epic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Defiant Cake

I don’t think I have ever been more jealous of another person as I am right now.  As a massive Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan (its my all time favorite show), my jaw hit the floor when I saw this absolutely incredibly Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Defiant cake!  The level of detail is amazing!

I came across this incredible Star Trek: DS9 USS Defiant cake a few nights ago when I happened to be browsing one of the DS9 fan groups I am a member of on Facebook.  Fellow member Dan Mcwaters from the UK posted this picture of this beautiful USS Defiant cake that was made for his brother’s 30th birthday.  He didn’t mention which bakery made this work of art but apparently they were given some pictures of the Defiant and this work of cake art was the result.  Talk about a job well done!

As long time readers of GGN will know, this isn’t the first USS Defiant cake I have posted (you can see the other one here), but this one is definitely far more detailed and well done (not to knock the other one which is still cool).  I would probably put this up there with the Borg and Enterprise birthday cake and the Deep Space Nine Grand Nagus Zek cake.

I wish it was my cake!  I’d love to have a cake like this for my birthday so if anybody is looking for ideas of what to get me this year, just get me a Defiant cake like this one!  Whoever Dan’s brother is, they are one lucky man!  And happy 30th to them!

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