Rapping Eminem in Klingon – Qapla’!

Rapping Eminem in Klingon

Being the huge Star Trek nerd that I am, it always makes me happy when I see somebody has performed a popular song or something in Klingon.  While I love Klingon opera as much as the next Star Trek fan, this is a bit of an appeal in rapping Eminem in Klingon!  In this particular instance, Eminem’s “Without Me” song is rapped in Klingon!

In the past I have posted some Klingon versions of well known music but this is the first Klingon rap video I have seen.  Rapping Eminem in Klingon is definitely interesting!  I’m not sure its quite Rent performed in Klingon or even Sixpence None the Richer Klingon karaoke but if you are a Star Trek fan that loves Eminem, this video of rapping Eminem in Klingon is definitely a video you are going to love!

One of these days I would really love to learn to speak more than just insults in Klingon because I would love to be able to not only understand what is said in this video (yes, I am familiar with Eminem’s “Without Me” so I have a pretty good idea) but perhaps make videos like this myself.

I’m curious, how many of the readers here on Global Geek News speak Klingon?  Have you ever made anything cool like this video rapping Eminem in Klingon?  If so, I’d like to see it!  Feel free to leave comments in Klingon if you wish, Microsoft’s Bing translates Klingon pretty well so I should be able to read what you say without too much difficulty.

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