Zombie Pikachu Burgers

Zombie Pikachu Burgers Are Perfect For Halloween!

While most people are usually obsessed with candy around Halloween, I’m usually obsessed with some jack-0-lantern cookies from a local bakery that I love.  However, those might have to be for desert because after seeing these evil looking zombie Pikachu burgers, I’m thinking that Halloween might just be the perfect day to grill up some spooky Pokemon burgers!  Whether I can make them look as cute/evil as these zombie Pikachu burgers, I’m not sure but I can at least make an attempt!

These spooky Pokemon craze inspired zombie Pikachu burgers are the creation of the restaurant Down N’ Out in Sydney, Australia.  As for the delicious details of these burgers, they of course have the beef patty, buns and what looks like some Dorito’s for zombie Pikachu’s ears but it also features a “Zomburger Sauce” with green mustard, “Frankenstyle” Macaroni N’ Cheese, and you can get a syringe full of “ghost chili” if you want the zombie Pikachu burgers to be truly evil!  As somebody who likes heat, I’d definitely be using some of that!

I’m not entirely sure about the idea of mac-n’-cheese on a burger but I’d give it a shot!  I think I might just try to make these but I don’t have any ‘ghost sauce’ so maybe my carolina reaper salsa might make a good substitute because the heat from that will make for a truly evil burger!

Besides incredible geeky pumpkin carvings (which we want to see if you have any pictures!), have you ever made any spooky yet geeky Halloween themed food items like these zombie Pikachu burgers?  If so, let me know in the comments below and make sure to share some pictures!

And what geeky thing are you dressing up as for Halloween?  I want to know that too!

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Zombie Pokemon Burgers
Zombie Pokemon Burgers
Zombie Pikachu Burgers
Zombie Pikachu Burgers

Zombie Pikachu Burgers[via Mashable]



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