Woodmen Millennium Falcon

Artist Creates Giant Wood Millennium Falcon From 3000 Pieces of Wood

There are days I wish I had the skills to create something really cool out of wood but being good at building stuff with my hands is not something I’ve ever had an aptitude for.  Sure, I can usually fix things around my house that break but when it comes to actually building something from an idea, I don’t have the creativity or craftsman knowhow to build anything other than perhaps a basic shelf or something simple.  If I did possess the woodworking gene, I would love to do what this guy did and create a giant wood Millennium Falcon out of 3000 pieces of wood!

This incredible 6 foot long wood Millennium Falcon was created by wood artist and Star Wars fan Martin Creaney.  He spent a year creating this wooden Star Wars masterpiece out of 30 different types of wood.  The level of detail he achieved with this build is absolutely stunning!

As much as I would like to be able to build something like this myself, just the thought of all those splinters from working with 3000 pieces of wood makes my hands hurt so its probably a good thing I didn’t inherit the wood working gene.  I’d also need a time machine to make the time to be able to build something like this and I’m told those are more expensive than I can afford.

While the pictures are impressive, to really see all the detail Martin put into this, make sure to check out the video below.

If you have ever created something incredible like this, let us know about it either in the comments below or with the contact link above because we might just want to feature your amazing creation, especially if its as cool and monumental as this wood Millennium Falcon!

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Wood Millennium Falcon

Wood Millennium Falcon
Woodmen Millennium Falcon

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