Star Wars Cookies

Spectacular Star Wars Cookies

Its not very often I get hungry in the morning that I wish I had breakfast but today is one of those days where I wish I had something to eat before work, especially after seeing these beautiful looking Star Wars cookies!  Seriously, these are some of the cleanest looking cookies I have ever seen and they are making my mouth water right now.

In the past I’ve posted a ton of amazing Star Wars cookies like the stunning hand-painted Star Wars sugar cookies and some cute R2-D2 cookies, and now we can add these amazing frosted Star Wars cookies to the group!

These fantastic frosted Star Wars sugar cookies were created by Treats by Trish.  The cookie include a couple of Star Wars logo cookies, a couple of R2-D2 cookies, a couple of Rogue Squadron cookies and a couple of cookies with Darth Vader holding his lightsaber which are probably my favorite.

I find the level of detail and how clean they all look to be really impressive!  I wish I had the skills to make something like this but the best I can do is to put some sprinkles on cookies that I cut out with a cookie cutter.  Of course its rare that my “cookies” ever even get that far because I typically just eat the dough and say forget about making the actual cookies.  I’d take cookie dough over cookies any day!

If you have made any geeky cookies like these that you think we would like to see, make sure to use the contact us link above to send them to us!  We love to see geeky cookies although we love it even more when you send some of them to us.  Just an idea!

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Frosted Star Wars Cookies

Star Wars Cookies
Star Wars Cookies

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