Super Blood Moon

My Super Blood Moon Eclipse Picture

Hopefully you got to go out last night and see the incredible lunar eclipse that was a supermoon and a blood moon.  I helped run an event with my local astronomical society and we had probably the biggest turnout we have ever seen with probably somewhere around 400 people showing up.  It was crazy!  A good turnout for us at an event is usually 100 people so we were blown away by how many people came out.

During the eclipse, I pulled my phone out to see if I could get a picture of it and while I couldn’t get a picture worth taking with just my phone, holding it up to one of the telescopes and using a 2 second exposure on my camera app, I was able to get the picture below.  I’m pretty impressed with it and how it was able to get some good detail and great color, especially when it wasn’t showing up on my phone’s screen when I took the picture so I didn’t even know if it was actually looking at the moon or not.  For those curious, while I’m not sure what the telescope was I held my phone up to, my phone is an ASUS Zenfone 2.

If you took any pictures of the eclipse last night, show them off in the comments below!

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Super Blood Moon
Super Blood Moon



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