Doctor Who TARDIS Kleenex Box Cover

Crafted TARDIS Tissue Box Cover

For as hard as tissue companies try to make their tissue boxes look pretty, there are some of us that don’t care about pretty and just want them to look cool.  Luckily for people like me who don’t care about the flowers on my Kleenex box, there are other people with craft skills that are about to make cool covers to hide the tissue box under.  While browsing reddit, I found one such person who made this incredible TARDIS tissue box cover!

Reddit user CapsFan40 crafted this fantastic TARDIS tissue box cover.  I’m not sure what you call this type of crafts but its pretty cool whatever it is!

CapsFan40 is considering making more to sell on Etsy sometime around the new year so there is a chance you might just be able to own one of these although unfortunately I doubt it will be in time for you to hold and get tissues from when Clara makes her exit from Doctor Who this season.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Kleenex Box Cover
Doctor Who TARDIS Tissue Box Cover

[Source:  Reddit]






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