Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch

Forget A Wedding Arch, This Stargate is Better!

I typically get strange looks when I tell people that should I ever get married, I want a Klingon wedding rather than a traditional wedding but after seeing this Stargate wedding arch replacement, I think I would be ok with a Stargate wedding too.  However, combining both doesn’t sound too bad either…

Anyway, instead of having a traditional wedding arch, Ian Milward decided to build and get married in front of a Stargate.  Not only is the 12′ Stargate incredibly detailed and impressive, the story to go along with it is just as amazing.  Apparently he met his future wife while they both worked at a lumber and hardware store and they bonded over their mutual love of Stargate.  At one point they were watching the episode where Jack and Sam get married in front of the Stargate and his future wife thought that was a really cool idea so when the time came some five years later, he remembered the idea and built a Stargate to get married in front of.

I’d say the weeks of effort to build this was absolutely worth it and I wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!  My only question is where do you put something like this after the wedding?  Do you rent it out for other Stargate fans or perhaps put it around the front door of your house to impress your guests?  I can think of a ton of cool uses for something like this although the size would be a bit of a pain I would think.

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Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch
Stargate Wedding Arch
Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch
Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch

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2 responses to “Forget A Wedding Arch, This Stargate is Better!”

  1. Kahana Ison Avatar
    Kahana Ison

    Not even kidding, my Fiancee and I were just discussing how we could build a stargate for our own wedding! Is this available to rent? Or buy?

  2. GonzoI Avatar

    You have it labeled as being from “Stargate SG-1”, but this gate design was from “Stargate Atlantis”. SG-1 had the Milky Way gates, which had the stone symbols with amber chevrons, while Atlantis had the Pegasus gates, which have the LED-lit symbols and blue chevrons as shown here.

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