Pac-Man Cookies

These Pac-Man Cookies Look Delicious!

One of my favorite arcade games to play in various restaurants around town when I was a kid was Pac-Man.  Sadly, all but one or two restaurants have taken the old Pac-Man games out but at least I can play it on my phone when I get the urge.  However, Pac-Man food isn’t as easy to come by.

Back in January, I posted some really cool Pac-Man cupcakes that I found at my State Fair last year but I have to admit, I would much rather eat these Pac-Man cookies!

I’m not sure who made these delicious looking cookies but they were posted on Reddit by user mcmullet.  Whoever made them (possibly mcmullet), they did an amazing job with a couple of exceptions.  First, Where the heck is Inky?!  And second, why is Pac-Man headed right toward Blinky?  Does he have a death wish?  I want answers!

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Pac-Man Cookies
Pac-Man Cookies

[Via: Reddit]



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