R2-D2 Log Stove

DIY R2-D2 Wood Burning Stove

With winter quickly approaching, its time to start thinking about how you are going to stay warm on those long, cold winter days.  These days, I just use natural gas to heat my home (yay for low income assistance!) but I do have a wood burning stove in my basement just in case the heater stops working.  However, my wood burning stove just seems boring after seeing this amazing DIY R2-D2 wood burning stove.

Instructables user doddieszoomer created this amazing R2-D2 log burning stove out of an old propane tank.  You can see all of the steps and pictures for making your own over on the Instructables guide they created for making your own.  However, if you are DIY challenged or just don’t have the tools to build one for yourself but you still want one, you can bid on this one over on eBay.  As of the time of this writing, there are 5 days to go on the auction with no bids so you have a little bit of time and not much competition if you want to pick this up.  However, make sure you are aware of the shipping charges because shipping something like this isn’t cheap!  Shipping is showing approximately $303.16 for me so keep that in mind if this is the droid stove you are looking for.

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R2-D2 Log Stove
R2-D2 Wood Stove
R2-D2 Log Stove
R2-D2 Log Stove

[Source:  Instructables via Nerd Approved]






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