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This Halo 4 UNSC-Themed Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Is Sweet!

I know that guys are supposed to love trucks but I have just never been a truck fan.  They are handy to have when you need to move some furniture or do a major cleanup of your yard or something but for general purpose transportation, I am a car guy.  Most of my dislike of trucks comes from the fact that I just don’t like tall vehicles.  I prefer to be as low to the ground as I can get (as long as it isn’t so low that it makes it difficult to get in and out of the car).  However, I would probably be a proud truck owner if I happened to own this sweet Halo 4 inspired UNSC themed Ford F-150 SVT Raptor!

While browsing Reddit last week, I came across the picture of this awesome Halo pickup that one redditor’s friend spotted at a gas station.  After doing a little digging, it turns out this Halo truck is a UNSC themed Ford F150 SVT Raptor that was given away as the main prize for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge last year.  I wish I had known about this competition because I would have liked to have a shot at owning this truck!

If you want to see more pictures of this Halo edition Ford F-150 Raptor, I found a small gallery over on Motor Review that you should check out.

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Halo Pickup
Halo Truck

[via Reddit]






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