Edward Snowden

Watch the full Edward Snowden interview with Brian Williams here

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden (Credit: Wikipedia)

While I was laying in bed last night browsing the channel guide on my TV looking for something to watch, I stumbled across a listing for an interview with Edward Snowden that was set to start a minute later.  Ever since he leaked all of those classified documents, I’ve been very interested in him as well as all of the stuff he has leaked.  So, I immediately turned to my local NBC station before the interview started so that I could see the first tv interview on American television with this polarizing figure.

You can watch the 6 parts of the interview below which is quite interesting although I don’t think there any new groundbreaking revelations.  What interests me is NBC’s twitter monitoring for the hashtags #traitor and #patriot.  During the airing of the interview, there was a huge spike in the patriot hashtag which outnumbered the traitor hashtag by around two to one.

After you watch the interview, let us know in the comments below what you think of Snowden, what he has done, whether you think he is a patriot or traitor and what you think about the programs he has brought to the public’s attention.  I’m very interested to know what everybody thinks about this!

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[Source:  NBC News]





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