WoW Horde Engagement Ring

Stunning World of Warcraft Horde Engagement Ring

It has been a really long time since I have posted a geeky ring on here because normally I save posts like that for my other blog, Fanboy Fashion.  However, since I already have something picked out to post over on there this morning (amazing steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay), I figured I might as well share this awesome World of Warcraft ring here on Global Geek News!

I think by now it is pretty well known that I won’t touch World of Warcraft with a ten foot pole for reasons ranging from my refusal to pay a subscription to play a game I already paid full price for to the addictive nature of the game however I still enjoy seeing cool things that people make that are inspired by the game like cosplay and cakes.  Well, now somebody has designed a WoW engagement ring that I think is pretty cool.

Etsy seller PaulMichaelDesign is selling this stunning World of Warcraft Horde engagement ring for between $490-4,600 depending on the type of metal you want and if you want natural or created stones.

If you have a special someone who loves World of Worcraft and is a Horde player that you are looking to marry, nothing will say I love you any better than this awesome WoW Horde engagement ring!

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WoW Horde Engagement Ring
World of Warcraft Engagement Ring

[Source:  PaulMichaelDesign via Geeks Are Sexy]





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