Two Doctor Who Shirts

Two Amazing Doctor Who Shirts Just $11 Today Only!

If you are like me, you are already at the point where you have more Doctor Who shirts than you can ever wear regularly but you just can’t stop yourself from buying more.  I didn’t count them but last night I ball-parked the number of shirts I have at somewhere around 100 and I see no signs of me slowing down in my shirt purchases.  It is thanks to dirt cheap yet awesome shirts like the ones below that I have outgrown my closet and have a stack of t-shirts as tall as my ceiling (I’m not even joking).  Well, with the shirts below, it looks like I will have 2 more to add to the pile.

The super geeks over at TeeFury are selling these two fantastic Doctor Who shirts for just $11 each today only!  The one with the 11th Doctor painting the 9th Doctor while looking at his reflection which is the 10th Doctor is called Doctor Rockwell by Creative Outpouring and the other shirt featuring the 10th Doctor is called The Oncoming Storm by Jhimmelman.  Also, you get some sort of Gali

Whether you are a Doctor Who fan or know one who would like one of these shirts, I suggest ordering them now before they go away!

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Two Doctor Who Shirts
Doctor Rockwell vs The Oncoming Storm Shirts

[Source:  TeeFury]


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