Unicyling Darth Vader Santa Claus Plays Flaming Bagpipes at Night

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on a Thursday (and really too long since I have posted anything period but things should get back to normal soon), but I had to make an exception today when I saw this video of a unicycling Darth Vader Santa Clause playing flaming bagpipes.

The legendary Unipiper is back and this time he is doing his thing with flaming bagpipes!  If the name Unipiper sounds familiar, that is because I have posted several videos of this musical geek in the past including videos of him .

” href=”http://globalgeeknews.com/2012/09/24/mario-rides-a-unicycle-while-playing-super-mario-world-music-on-the-bagpipes-video/” target=”_blank”>dressed as Super Mario while riding and playing Mario music, .” href=”http://globalgeeknews.com/2012/12/07/gandalf-playing-the-bagpipes-while-riding-a-unicycle-video/” target=”_blank”>Gandalf playing Lord of the Rings music and Darth Vader playing Star Wars music.  Well, it looks like he decided to mix his Darth Vader costume with Santa Clause and then turn his bagpipes into flame throwers and I have to admit, the result is quite spectacular!

It almost makes me want to learn to ride a unicycle or play the bagpipes.  Almost.

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