NASA Will Stream the Perseid Meteor Shower Live Until 3AM Tonight. Watch it here!

Even if you aren’t a complete space geek like I am, I would be absolutely shocked if you didn’t enjoy the occasional meteor shower.  Well, the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend and if you can’t get out to see it in person (I think it will probably be too cloudy where I am), then NASA has just the alternative for you!

NASA is going to be streaming the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight from 11PM EST until 3AM EST and you can watch it right here on Global Geek News with the ustream video player below!

They will be streaming the skies above the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. and they will have astronomer Bill Cooke as well as Danielle Moser and Rhiannon Blaauw from the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office on hand to answer any meteor shower questions you might have!   Up to 100 meteors per hour are expected so it should be a rather spectacular show!

Whether it is too cloudy where you are, too much light pollution from whatever city you live in or you just don’t feel like going outside, just come back later tonight and you can catch all of the action and learn a few things too!

Note:  Until the show actually starts, you will either see a grey box or pre-recorded footage in the video player below.

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