A Dalek Made From E. Coli?! CONTAMINATE!!!

I’ve seen people make Daleks out of all kinds of crazy stuff like the post from last week where somebody decided to make a cool Dalek planter for their flowers but I would have never imagined that somebody would make a Dalek out of bacteria in a petri dish.  To be honest, I never even knew you could do that!  I know you can teach dogs all kinds of tricks but E Coli?  Impressive!

A Whovian going by the name of Who-lligan apparently works in some sort of lab and decided to make a Dalek out of E. Coli bacteria.  I think this person should win some kind of award for this like most clever idea for building a Dalek or perhaps the deadliest.


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Dalek Bacteria in a Petri Dish
E Coli Dalek in a Petri Dish

[Source:  Who-lligan via Obvious Winner]