It Is Dangerous To Go Alone So Take This Legend of Zelda Quilt

If there is one thing I have way to many of, it is blankets.  After going through my closet and some boxes in the basement, it amazed me just how many blankets I seem to have collected over the years and never use.  I guess that is a consequence of using a snuggie these days and I even have two of those!  Well, I may need another blanket like I need another hole in the head, but I really want this incredible Legend of Zelda quilt!

Etsy seller kellyjaworski is selling this spectacular Legend of Zelda quilt for $199.  The quilt features the 8-bit Link from the NES classic as well as a ton of Triforces.  I think this might just be the coolest blanket ever!

While I really want this blanket, I just can justify spending that kind of money on another blanket when most of the ones I have never get used as it is.  The fact that I got both of my snuggies each with a reading light for like $15 total probably has my opinion of value a bit off too but I doubt others will have that same problem.

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Legend of Zelda Link Quilt
Legend of Zelda Quilt

[Source:  Etsy via Neatorama]



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