Playing Sim City? Why Not Zoidberg? [pic]

Unlike many gamers, I never played much Sim City growing up.  I think I played a little bit of it on the SNES and about a year ago, I played it a bit on my iPad but I’ve never really got into the Sim City games (I love The Sims though).  I wouldn’t mind giving the newer versions a shot but with the disaster that is the latest Sim City, it has pretty much killed any interest I have in trying the games again.  However, for those who are playing the new Sim City and enjoying it, why not Zoidberg?

Reddit user KugelBlitz314 decided to combine their enjoyment of Sim City with their love for Futurama and create a city laid out in the outline of Zoidberg and Bender.  I’d say it turned out looking pretty cool.
It almost makes me want to buy the game.  Almost, but not quite.

The only way I would play it is if I was given a copy and even then I’m not sure I would want to mess with it because I hate Origin.  Maybe if it shows up on Steam someday, I would consider buying it.
Until then, I will just watch Futurama.

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Sim City Futurama
Sim City Zoidberg and Bender City

[Source:  Reddit]






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