This Custom Painted Jurassic Park Car is Amazing [pic]

Thanks to my job, I get to see all kinds of interesting modifications people make to their cars.  Around here nobody really goes too crazy with modifications outside of a fancy stereo or really expensive wheels on a car that is probably only worth what it weighs in scrap metal.  Sadly, nobody does anything near as cool as these people did when they turned an old Subaru into a Jurassic Park car!

Friends of imgur user cjswan (I don’t know the owners name to give them credit) had access to a 33 year old Subaru and decided to paint it to look just like the tour car in Jurassic Park.

I don’t know how much time and money was spent to turn this old Subaru into a Jurassic Park car but it was worth every bit of it.  While I have no desire to own a 33 year old Subaru, I would love to have this car!  If you want to see some pictures of the transformation of this car into a Jurassic Park car, check out the gallery to see a ton of more pictures.

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Jurassic Park Subaru
Jurassic Park Car
Jurassic Park Car Subaru
Jurassic Park Car Side

[Source:  imgur via Obvious Winner]





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