Which Superhero is More Expensive? Batman or Iron Man? [Infographic]

Considering Batman and Iron Man are the only superheroes without any super powers, in theory that would mean you could become either one of them if you had enough money.  Of course that brings us to the question, would it cost more to become Batman or Iron Man?  Well, that is exactly what this infographic aims to figure out!

This infographic was created by HomeownersInsurance.com and they sought out to figure out just how much insurance would cost for these two superheroes.  Well, they determined that Iron Man’s insurance premiums would run $200k/yr while Batman’s are only $115k/yr.  As for the list of assets that were considered in coming up with that figure, I will let you find that out for yourself on the infographic below.  As I am sure you can already tell, it is more expensive to be Iron Man but I think I would rather be Batman just because of the cooler vehicles.

Let us know your thoughts below about who you would rather be and if you think these numbers are in the right ballpark!  Would you even want to be the billion dollar hero?

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The Billion Dollar HeroCreated by HomeownersInsurance.com

[Source:  HomeownersInsurance.com]


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