Legend of Zelda Made In Snow [pic]

There seems to be a lot of people getting snow these days although the snow we are seeing where I live doesn’t seem to be amounting to much of anything as we are still around 35% below what we should have for this time of year.  However, it looks like one person who has seen a decent bit of snow decided to do something fun with it and carved a giant Legend of Zelda and Hylian Crest in the snow at their school.

I’m not sure who the Legend of Zelda loving snow enthusiast is but I would say they have the initials KM.  I’m not even sure what school this was spotted at but it was posted on Reddit by a couple of different people (this particular picture came from user Suave92).  Whoever made this is obviously an awesome person that I would love to meet!

Have you seen any geeky things made from the recent snow storms?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Legend of Zelda Snow carving
Legend of Zelda in the Snow

[Source:  Reddit]


One response to “Legend of Zelda Made In Snow [pic]”

  1. Kyle Danger Marquardt Avatar
    Kyle Danger Marquardt

    KM here! Wow, I didn’t know my snow-walking was this popular!

    Thanks for featuring it!

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