This iPad Cake Looks as Good as the Real Thing! [pic]

Ever since I go my iPad 2 around a year and a half ago, it has never left my side.  I always take it with me wherever I go so that if I need to write some notes, look something up or just kill a few minutes with a game of Angry Birds or Worms, I can do that.  However, I would not consider myself as obsessed with it as some people although I wouldn’t mind if somebody made me an amazing iPad cake like this.

This This incredibly realistic cake that looks like an iPad sitting on its box was created by Berliosca Cake Boutique.  These guys are obviously the people to call if you want an Apple themed cake!  This cake is so simple and elegant, you would think it was actually made by Apple!

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iPad Cake
Apple iPad Cake

[Source:  Berliosca Cake Boutique via Between the Pages]



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