Hobbit Hole Litter Box [pic]

My cat really doesn’t care much about watching TV although on Saturday she seemed to be quite interested in spending much of the morning watching Top Gear.  I’m not sure why she is captivated by the show as I am sure she doesn’t understand what is going on but she seems to enjoy it.  However, I’m sure there are cats out there that feel the same way about the Lord of the Rings movies and those cats should really have a Hobbit Hole litter box.

Unfortunately, this Hobbit Hole litter box is just a concept (created by IF Industries) rather than a product you can go out and buy, but judging by the amazing DIY skills that many of you seem to have, I wouldn’t think this would be too tough of a project to take on.

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Hobbit Hole Cat Litter Box
Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole Litter Box

[Source:  IF Industries via Geeks are Sexy]






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