Doctor Who Crocheted TARDIS Blanket [pic]

We haven’t had much of a winter here so I think I have only had to reach for a blanket twice this season, but I have to admit that my blanket isn’t as cool as this TARDIS blanket.  I use a snuggie to stay warm on those cold days and while I can no longer imagine using a blanket without sleeves, if I had to have a blanket without sleeves, it would definitely be this awesome TARDIS blanket.

This crocheted TARDIS blanket was created by Kristi for her friend and it measures 130cm (at the narrowest) by 230cm, not including the light.  From design to finish, it took two months to make which I would say was time very well spent.  However I think my favorite part has to be that the light and windows glow in the dark!

I wish I had the arts and crafts skills to make something like this although I fear if I started to crochet blankets, my man card might be revoked.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Blanket
Crocheted TARDIS Blanket

[Source:  Rainy Monday via ThinkGeek]


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  1. Sharisse La Belle Avatar
    Sharisse La Belle

    Is there a pattern available for this blanket? 🙂 I would LOVE to make it.

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