Steampunk Iron Man Pocket Watch [pic]

While I think pocket watches are cool, classy and old fashioned, I have never had much of a desire to carry one.  I no longer even wear a watch since all of the gadgets I wear can tell me the time and frankly I don’t have the room in my pockets to even think about carrying a pocket watch.  However, if I ever decided to carry a pocket watch, I want it to be this amazing steampunk Iron Man pocket watch.

This awesome Iron Man steampunk pocket watch was created by designer Adi Simon.  You can see the steampunk style gears on the inside and it lights up like Iron Man’s arc reactor.  What can be cooler than that?!

I kind of wish this was available to buy because this would be a pretty cool conversation piece even if I didn’t carry it everywhere I went.

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Iron Man Pocket Watch
Steampunk Iron Man Pocket Watch

[Source:  Adi Simon via Obvious Winner]






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