These Nintendo Pancakes Look Delicious! [pic]

Next to bacon, my favorite breakfast food is definitely pancakes.  I’m not sure which flavor is my favorite as it just kind of depends on my mood, but I love not only traditional pancakes, I enjoy pumpkin pancakes and New York cheesecake pancakes too!  Yeah, I might be headed for an early grave (especially with the cheesecake pancakes), but at least it was was a yummy trip!

Speaking of delicious pancakes, the awesome pancake maker Saipancakes is at it again with these amazing Nintendo themed pancakes!  Recently, I have posted about their other pancake creations like the Hobbit pancakes and Star Trek TOS panckes although having been a big Nintendo fan since the age of 2, I would have to say these are my favorite.

Of these, I can’t decide if Donkey Kong or Kirby is my favorite with Yoshi in a close 3rd.  Which one do you like the most?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Video Game Pancakes
Nintendo Pancakes

[Source:  Saipancakes]


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