Hallelujah! This Worms Holy Hand Grenade Cake is Awesome! [pic]

When I talk about something explosive in relation to food, it usually isn’t a very good thing.  Normally it is the consequence of food not agreeing with me.  However, in today’s case, explosives and food is a very good combination!  While I would never normally endorse the combination of the two (unless you are part of the Mythbusters team), this Worms Holy Hand Grenade cake is not lethal so I am not too worried about it.

This amazing Worms Holy Hand Grenade cake was made by Snickerdoodles Bakery of Hampstead, MD for a guy named Steve for his 30th birthday.  Apparently his wife and a friend decided to get this cake for him and I would say it made for a pretty awesome birthday!

I’m still five years away from hitting that big 30 milestone but I already think I want a cake like this for my 30th birthday!

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Worms Cake
Worms Holy Hand Grenade Cake

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