This is an Awesome Super Mario Bros Birthday Cake [pic]

When it comes to cakes, I always love seeing cakes inspired by Super Mario Bros.  I’ve been playing Super Mario Bros since I was 2 years old and after all these years, I still love the Mario games.  In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I went and played through the NES classic again just because I was feeling a bit nostalgic.  Anyway, speaking of Super Mario, I have just stumbled across this amazing Super Mario birthday cake!

This magnificent Super Mario Bros inspired cake was created by the obviously awesome cake makers at Brendy’s Cakes.  This cake features many of your favorite Mario characters including Mario (obviously), Luigi, Bowser, a Goomba and more!  I’m not even sure how to pronounce this kids name, but I’d say they had one heck of a happy birthday!

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Super Mario Bros Cake
Super Mario Birthday Cake

[Source:  Brendy’s Cakes via Between the Pages]