Legend of Zelda Locket Necklace [pic]

It may be kind of weird for a guy to wear a locket, but if there is one thing that would complete my Legend of Zelda look, it would be this Hylian Crest locket necklace!  I already wear a Legend of Zelda hat with tons of Hylian Crest symbols all over it and I sport a Twilight Princess wallet, but I could really use something Zelda related hanging from my neck and I think this might just be it!

Etsy seller cnhbigadventure is selling this beautiful Legend of Zelda locket necklace for just $21.90.  The glass dome (I guess that is where you put the picture?) is 3 cm round and the chain length is 90 cm.

There are a number of these available so if you are a Zelda fan, I’d suggest getting one for yourself and then buying a couple for your Legend of Zelda loving friends!

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Legend of Zelda Necklace
Legend of Zelda Locket Necklace

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]



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