This Avatar Cake is Amazing! [pics]

I have to confess, I still have not seen the movie Avatar.  Its not that I don’t want to see it because I really do, its just that when it was in movie theaters, I don’t like paying the inflated prices for 3D movies (regular movies are expensive enough).  I wouldn’t mind getting it on blu-ray as I do have a 3D TV in my bedroom but paying $20 for a movie that I may or may not like gives me pause.

However, I figured those who have seen and loved the movie would be blown away by this spectacular Avatar cake!

This extremely well done Avatar cake was made by Cake Central Member Verina.  This Neytiri cake (I guess that is the name of this character) was created out of a chocolate cake (yum!) covered in fondant (insert my usual fondant is disgusting comment here).  The hair was created out of chocolate gum paste that was sent to the spaghetti attachment on a pasta machine.

Even if I am not a fondant fan, I can’t deny that it makes for some spectacular cakes like this one.  Well done Verina!

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Avatar Cake
Avatar Neytiri Cake
Avatar Neytiri Cake Side
Avatar Cake

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