Attention Arduino Lovers! ExtraCore Needs Your Support!

While I have never been the hardware hacker type, I have a tremendous admiration for those that are.  I am always blown away by the things people create when they have some hardware know-how.

Well, I’m sure there are some of you out there that enjoy fiddling with hardware so I thought you should know about the ExtraCore V2 fundraiser that is going on right now.

I have posted about ExtraCore in the past and Dustin Andrews (my cousin), the inventor of the ExtraCore, is now looking for some funding help to make another run with a second version of the EtraCore, the postage stamp sized Arduino compatible.

What makes the 2nd version different from the first?  It now has an on-board power regulator which seems much nicer than the solution required for the first version.

If you are interested in ExtraCore, check out the video below to find out more details and see the first version in action as it powers a TARDIS with lights and sounds.  If you show your support for the project (and I highly recommend you do), head over to the fundraiser on Tindie and pass him a few bucks!

Make sure to share this with any Arduino fans you know!

[Source:  Tindie]





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